Contemporary Mission Theology

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A resource for the classroom that specifically addresses the missiological issues of the twenty-first century, this collection in honor of Charles E. Van Engen features contributions from practically all the leading lights of the missiology world. Scholars including Stephen Bevans, Roger Schroeder, van Thanh Nguyen, Mary Motte, Gerald Anderson, Scott Sunquist, and many others offer their insights and reflections, focusing on the impact of cultural and demographic changes on the nature and purpose of Christian mission.

Robert L. Gallagher is the department chair, director of the Master of Arts program in intercultural studies, and professor of intercultural studies at Wheaton College Graduate School in Chicago.

Paul Hertig is a global studies professor at Azusa Pacific University and Director of its Los Angeles Term Program. He is presently an advisory committee member of the Association of Professors of Mission. He co-edited (with Robert L. Gallagher) Mission in Acts: Ancient Narratives in Contemporary Contexts (Orbis, 2004) and Landmark Essays in Mission and World Christianity (Orbis, 2009).

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Contemporary Mission Theology
Engaging the Nations
American Society of Missiology
Robert L. Gallagher
Paul Hertig
The editors of this text have assembled a globally diverse variety of contributors that not only reflect missiology from different geographical and theological perspectives but different gender perspectives as well. They deserve recognition for the effort to include brothers and sisters from the Global South. The collection of contributors here reflects a global church's thoughts on contemporary mission theology. This book would not only provide contemporary information on the subject of Mission Theology for students, but it demonstrates a globalization of our approach to study.
A valuable read for any professor of missiology, student of mission theology, or those who have been impacted by Van Engen and his work.
A book that should be read and absorbed by everyone of us....This is a splendid compendium of glocal mission theology to inspire everyone involved in mission as we continue on the journey into God's future.
During the past several decades, mission theology has become one of the most dynamic areas in theological studies. This remarkable collection maps the length and breadth of this burgeoning field in theological and missiological studies.
This book offers a feast composed of many courses, all of them substantial, all of them insightful. The authors offer insights into virtually every dimension of the theology of mission in our rapidly globalizing world, including fresh glimpses into the history of mission, the roots of mission in the stories of the Old and New Testaments, changes being brought about as mission has become polycentric and no longer dominated by Northern voices. I can think of no book better suited to bring readers up to date on this important topic in its many dimensions.
Drawing upon the resources of Evangelical, Ecumenical, and Catholic theological thought from past generations, this rich and rewarding volume not only provides an outstanding overview of contemporary mission theology, but also offers a compelling vision for the way forward. One cannot help but feel the Spirit blowing through its pages in fresh and engaging ways.
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