Christian Spirituality for Seekers

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2013 Catholic Press Association Book Award: The Year of Faith (1st Place) “Expertly examines mission in the context of postmodern culture, modern physics, post-Vatican II thought, and process theology . . . . informative, challenging, and prayerful!”

The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola, composed in the sixteenth century, consist of a sequence of meditations on the life of Jesus aimed at promoting spiritual depth and discernment about how to live. For centuries they have formed the basis for Jesuit spirituality and formation. But their influence extends much further. In this work, based on his experience of leading study of the Exercises in a pluralistic environment, Roger Haight has set out to open this classic work to an audience encompassing all spiritual seekers, even those outside the Christian family. His focus is the humanity and the spirituality of Jesus. Thus, his work functions not just as an introduction to the Exercises themselves but also as an introduction to spirituality and even as an introduction to Christianity, which can be seen, in this light, as a way of life modeled on the spirituality of Jesus.

Roger Haight is a Jesuit priest and theologian. A former president of the Catholic Theological Society of America, he now teaches at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. His previous books include Dynamics of Faith and Jesus Symbol of God.

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Christian Spirituality for Seekers
Reflections on the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola
Roger Haight