Christian Socialism

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Praise for the original edition:

“A rich survey of a profound but hidden tradition.”Michael Harrington, co-chair, Democratic Socialists of America

“A lively and readable account of the long-standing and irrepressible conflict between biblical faith and economies based on competition, accumulation, and profit.”—Harvey Cox, Harvard Divinity School

Once again in America the banner of socialism has been raised—for some, an aspirational agenda, while for others a terrifying specter. What does “socialism” actually mean, and what is its relation to Christian social principles?

In this expansive work, first published in 1988, John C. Cort explores these questions to provide readers with an historical as well as sociological understanding. Now reissued with a new introduction by Gary Dorrien, Christian Socialism traces the socialist idea to its biblical roots up through the twentieth century, with fascinating profiles of the ideas, events, and personalities that have shaped and continue to shape the Christian socialist movement.

John C. Cort (1913-2006) was a tireless crusader for labor and social justice. He served as one of the original volunteers at the Catholic Worker, founded the Association of Catholic Trade Unionists, served in the Peace Corps, and later organized the ILGWU for the AFL. He was co-editor of the journal Religious Socialism and a key organizer of the Democratic Socialists of America.

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Christian Socialism
An Informal History
Second Edition
John C. Cort
New Introduction by Gary Dorrien

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