Theology in Dialogue

An Orbis Books Series

Russell A. Butkus, Anne Clifford, Carol J. Dempsey, Series Editors

The Theology in Dialogue Series expresses a vision for the possibilities of theology in conversation with other academic disciplines. The series stems from two primary sources. The first is historical. To some degree Christian theology has always been in dialogue with the major elements of its social context, drawing on insights and methods from diverse knowledge traditions in order to address pressing and timely issues. The second source is the contemporary world. Given the complexity of contemporary life, its questions and struggles, books in the Theology in Dialogue Series reflect the perspective that creative dialogue and strategic collaboration between theology and other disciplines are necessary in seeking effective solutions to contemporary problems.

Yes, resolving problems is important, but our hope is that creative dialogue will result in more than problem solving, that it will make the positive contributions needed in an increasingly complex world. The overarching aim of the series is to demonstrate the creativity of theology in dialogue with various academic disciplines and, in doing so, to broaden the appeal of theology while enriching the pursuit of intellectual inquiry.