Ecology & Justice

An Orbis Books Series on Integral Ecology

Advisory Board Members: Mary Evelyn Tucker, John A. Grim, Leonardo Boff, Sean McDonagh

Announcing the latest book in the E&J Series: Creation's Wisdom by Daniel Wolpert

This series seeks to integrate an understanding of Earth's interconnected life systems with sustainable social, political, and economic systems that enhance the Earth community. Books in the series concentrate on ways to:

  • Reexamine human-Earth relations in light of contemporary cosmological thought and ecological science
  • Develop visions of common life marked by ecological integrity and social justice
  • Expand on the work of those exploring such fields as integral ecology, climate justice, Earth law, eco-feminism, and animal protection
  • Promote inclusive participatory strategies that enhance the struggle of Earth's poor and oppressed for ecological justice
  • Deepen appreciation for and dialogue within and among religious traditions on issues of ecology and justice
  • Encourage spiritual discipline, social engagement, and the transformation of religion and society towards these ends.

Viewing the present moment as a time for fresh creativity and inspired by the encyclical, "Laudato Si'," the series seeks authors who speak to eco-justice concerns and who bring into dialogue perspectives from Christian communities, from the world's religions, from secular and scientific circles, or from new paradigms of thought and action.