Care for Creation

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“Human beings and nature must not be at the service of money . . . .

That economy destroys Mother Earth.” —Pope Francis

Pope Francis’s historic encyclical Laudato Si was not merely the first encyclical to address ecology and care for creation; it was the manifesto for a new humanism, an outline of the values and principles allowing us to live together in our common home. Drawing not only on that encyclical but on Pope Francis’s extensive writings, speeches, and homilies, Care for Creation lays out his comprehensive vision of integral ecology.

As Francis argues, concern for the earth is more than an ethical challenge—it calls for a profound conversion of values that involves a new understanding of our relation to God’s Creation, both the Earth and its creatures, as well as our fellow human beings.

 Chapters include:

The Degradation of Our Common Home

An Economy That Kills

The Globalization of Indifference

Redefining Progress

The Recovery of the Common Good

Toward a Culture of Integral Ecology

The Spiritual Dimension of Living

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Care for Creation
A Call for Ecological Conversion
Pope Francis
Edited by Giuliano Vigini
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