Business Ethics

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From an author with thirty years experience as an executive and corporate officer, Business Ethics addresses students and those engaged in business to help them understand their work as an integral form of human development as well as an authentic Christian vocation. Fully aware that nothing creates greater emotional response than words like capitalism and big business, Ahner believes that the cure for poverty is better business practices rooted in a deeper grasp of human nature ""The focus of this book," he writes, "is to work through an understanding of the nature of a market economy, how business works, what drives it, what kind of outcomes one can hope for, and what are its limitations." Ultimately, he shows, if business isn't ethical, it isn't even good business.

Gene Ahner teaches philosophy, theology, and ethics at Catholic Theological Union and Dominican University in Chicago. He has been an executive in an electronics firm and is now an executive and board member of a manufacturing corporation.

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Business Ethics
Theology in Global Perspective Series
Gene Ahner

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