Be Good and Do Good

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A basic textbook in religious ethics for today's Catholic students and young adults.

How do we understand moral theology within the context of Christian life and thought?  In Be Good and Do Good, Bernard V. Brady addresses the main themes in fundamental moral theology for a novel perspective.  Rather than relying solely on traditional sources such as natural law theory, abstract philosophical principles, or popular theories of the individual, he focuses on biblical stories, an emphasis on experience, and the social/relational spheres of human life.  Our own sense of morality, Brady reminds us, emerges not out of a vacuum, but out of the experience and narratives of lived reality.

Ideal for the high school or college classroom, or indeed, for any reader interested in a refreshing take on moral decision-making, Be Good and Do Good reminds us that we are each called to develop and nurture our own moral identity throughout our lives.

"A master teacher, Brady interweaves his command of the rich Catholic moral tradition with an extraordinary range of poetry, literature, history, and philosophy.  This brilliant roadmap for conceptualizing the myriad facets of moral theology is a clear summons for each and every reader.  This book is a gentle but unequivocal call to take charge of our own moral identity and development; an injunction for love of neighbor, justice, and solidarity; and an invitation to flourish where heart, mind, and God come together." --Jennifer Beste, Koch Chair in Catholic Thought and Culture, College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's College

Bernard V. Brady is professor of moral theology and chair of the theology department at the University of St Thomas, St. Paul, MN. He is the author of several books: Essential Catholic Social Thought, Christian Love, and The Moral Bond of Community.

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Be Good and Do Good
Thinking Through Moral Theology
Bernard V. Brady
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Brady is articulate and skillful in defining the fundamental concepts of moral theology. His language is simple, straightforward, and affords great clarity for the terms he employs. This book is especially valuable for those who have very little or no knowledge of moral theology.
... provides college-level readers of ethics and religion with a basic analysis of the topic ... The result is a powerful survey perfect for classroom discussion and debate.
With an approach honed through years of effective classroom teaching, Brady has written an introduction to moral theology that will make an ideal textbook. Brady's writing is clear, engaging, and generous. Not easily pigeonholed into one of the prevailing schools of Catholic moral theology, Brady brings out what is valuable in each of them,and displays an admirable openness to human wisdom in all its forms. His anatomy of complex concepts like freedom and love make clear that the reader is in skilled hands.
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