An Unexpected Wilderness

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At a time when ecological issues are prominent in religious and social discourse, this perfectly timed volume expresses a broad range of insights and opinions on ecology and the relationship between Christianity and the natural world. Topics are not limited to traditional environmental issues, but instead feature a variety of academic disciplines and experiences to dwell on "wildernesses" that are sometimes dangerous, sometimes sanctuaries, and often the source of graced encounter.

Colleen Mary Carpenter is Associate Professor of Theology and the Sister Mona Riley Endowed Chair of the Humanities at St. Catherine University in St. Paul. She is author of Redeeming the Story: Women, Suffering, and Christ.

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An Unexpected Wilderness
Christianity and the Natural World
College Theology Series
Colleen Mary Carpenter
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We must learn to love the places we are all from and to engage ecological despair and/or depression by entrusting ourselves to a God who not only liberates but enables us to survive by "making a way out of no way." These essay offer an insightful guide to finding the way.
The volume does not pretend to offer a comprehensive narrative on the theology of the wilderness, but it does pose interesting problems from heretofore unexplored vistas. As such it will add to graduate and seminary library collections.
All of the essays are thought provoking, useful contributions to the ever-growing body of work in theology and environmental harm....a glimpse into the current work of scholars committed to reforming human behavior on the earth. It will be useful to scholars, teachers, and advanced undergraduate or graduates in the field.
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