American Madonna

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"Refreshing, inspiring, and especially beautiful because the young author not only takes the Virgin Mary into her own motherly heart, she brings her into our hearts as well!"--Joyce Rupp

Deirdre Cornell, newly pregnant, her husband Kenny and their three small children, arrived in Oaxaca, Mexico with few material goods but with an abundance of faith. The Virgin Mary was always important to Deirdre and when she crossed the border she gained astonishing new insights into a Mother who also crosses boundaries, between the hearts of people, between heaven and earth.

"I am thrilled with this wonderful book. It promises to stand with the very best of works on Mary."--Sally Cunneen, author, In Search of Mary

"Deidre Cornell is a gifted writer living a remarkable life. Her book is refreshing, vital, and not easy to put down."--Jim Forest, author, Praying with Icons

Deirdre Cornell and her husband Kenny, together with their five children, lived in Mexico for three years as Maryknoll lay missioners. They previously worked with migrant workers in Newburgh, a river town in upstate New York. The family now resides in Highland, New York and continues their service to migrants.

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American Madonna
Crossing Borders with the Virgin Mary
Deirdre Cornell