American Cultural Baggage

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American Cultural Baggage lets both Americans and the rest of the world in on things most Americans dont know about themselves and their values and how those things are perceived by others. Americans will learn of the impression they make while others will gain insight into the curious tribal values of Americans.

Contents include:

  • The ""Ten Commandments"" of American Culture
  • The Top Priority in American Life
  • Self-Esteem and Fun
  • Ways to Achieve Three Goals at Once
  • Essentials for Achieving Any Goal
  • The American View of Human Beings
  • Loyalties, Groups and Families
  • Fairness, Blame and Conflict
  • Time and Change
  • Hope and God

Stan Nussbaum, author of The Readers Guide to Transforming Mission, has many years of experience working in Africa and has traveled the globe, constantly seeking to understand the dynamics of relationships between Americans and peoples of other cultures.

Kathleen Webb is a freelance writer and artist whose works have appeared in Archie Comics and Brio magazine. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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American Cultural Baggage
How to Recognize and Deal with It
Stan Nussbaum