Altogether Gift

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"An important, seminal work . . . . I can't recommend this book highly enough."--Ronald Rolheiser 

This poetic book on the Trinity offers reflections on the inter-personal dimensions of God and spells out the implications for our spiritual life. While recent studies on the Trinity converge on the profoundly relational character of the mystery, less attention has been given to the way in which language of the Trinity speaks to the deepest desires of the human heart, the region of wound and wisdom wherein we long for loving communion with God and others. Michael Downey shows us that the doctrine of the Trinity is a grammar by which Christians speak of the ineffable mystery of God's constant, eternal giving as gift. By accepting this gift we participate in the divine life.

Theologian, retreat leader, and spiritual writer, Michael Downey is the first layperson to receive a Ph.d. in sacred theology from the Catholic University of America. Author of 20 books  he has served as professor of theology and spirituality at universities and seminaries in North America and abroad. Schooled in the spirituality of Jean Vanier and l’Arche, his abiding concern for the wounded and marginalized has led him to serve those most in need through conferences and retreats throughout the world. He is also author of The Depth of God's Reach: A Spirituality of Christ's Descent (available February 2018).

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Altogether Gift
A Trinitarian Spirituality
Michael Downey
With reverence and insight Dr. Michael Downey guides us to a deeper appreciation of the Triune God who is Giver, Given, Gift/ing. In a style both direct and conversational, he offers us a new grammar for understanding and speaking of the central mystery of Christian faith.
Reading Michael Downey's Altogether Gift made me feel like I was singing the most beautiful of Christian hymns: dense, precise theological truths expressed in surging poetry . . . This is a wonderful book.
This book is clearly the fruit, not only of study and reflection, but also of prayerful contemplation of the Trinity over a long period of time.
In Altogether Gift, chilly doctrines are expressed in a way that moves the heart to prayer.
Michael Downey will put you in touch with the Trinity in your heart, yes, but in your intellect as well.
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