After Patriarchy

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Do the worlds religious traditions possess authentic, sexism-transcending, yet concrete, life-giving elements? Are they redeemable from structures of patriarchal domination that cause many women to judge them unsalvageable?

After Patriarchy reveals the increasing globalization of womens visions as they look anew at those structures, including the religious one, in which human beings live.Contributors include: Delores S. Williams, Linda Gupta, Riffat Hassan, Rita M. Gross, Judith Plaskow, Paula M. Cooey, Ines Marie Talamantez and Emily Culpper.

Paula M. Cooey is Associate Professor of Religion at Trinity University. She is author of Nature and Divine Destiny in the World of Jonathan Edwards. William R. Eakin is Consultant for the Marshall T. Steel Center for the Study of Religion and Philosophy. He is co-editor of Liberating Life: Contemporary Approaches to Ecological Theology .Jay B. McDaniel is Director of the Marshall T. Steel Center for the Study of Religion and Philosophy and Associate Professor at Hendrix College. He is author, with Thomas Berry, of Earth Sky Gods and Mortals.

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After Patriarchy
Feminist Transformations of the World Religions
Paula M. Cooey
William R. Eakin
Jay B. McDaniel

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