African Christian Leadership

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The remarkable expansion of Christianity in Africa amid massive social challenges has created unprecedented opportunities for Christian leadership. Thousands of young congregations now provide local platforms for spiritual and social direction. Schools and Universities provide a wide range of educational opportunities. African Christians also find themselves exercising leadership in a wide variety of business, educational, media, social service, and governmental venues. They have lacked verified research data to develop new opportunities and improve existing support structures for contextually relevant Christian leadership training and development.

African Christian Leadership, the result of a multiyear study implemented by African scholars offers insights on the support and training necessary to promote African Christianity and to foster the healthy development of Africa.

Robert J. Priest is professor of anthropology at Taylor University. He is the former president of the American Society of Missiology (2013-2014) and of the Evangelical Missiological Society (2014-2017). Among his publications is This Side of Heaven: Race, Ethnicity, and Christian Faith (Oxford).

Kirimi Barine is an author, trainer, publisher and consultant. He is the founding director of Publishing Institute of Africa and author and co-author of several books, among them Trans­formational Corporate Leadership (Integrity).


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African Christian Leadership
Realities, Opportunities, and Impact
American Society of Missiology
Robert J. Priest
Kirimi Barine

African Christian Leadership Table of Contents (978-1-62698-242-0_toc.pdf, 37 Kb) [Download]

This book is the latest volume in the American Society of Missiology series and is to be commended for its breadth of research and providing much needed insight into African Christian leadership realities. Mission administrators, students, practitioners, missiologists, and researchers will find this a wealth of information, based by robust data collection, and valuable for follow up research and reference. I highly recommend this work.
The vast amounts of data undergirding this book yield tools of assessment and application for pastors, donors, universities, and governments.
In an age when African Christian growth is obvious but detailed insights into that growth are too rare, these essays disclose aspects of the processes forming effective African Christian leaders and the important roles such leaders can play
This fine book takes into account three major linguistic groups in Africa, and provides a qualitative perspective with good statistics to guide any Christian leader searching for better leadership or undertaking research in the domain.
Illuminating and stimulating, this book helps us to understand why and how effective African Christian organizations and their leaders make a significant impact in their local context. It also challenges us to think strategically how best to invest in effective leadership in Africa.
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