A Theology of Dao

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East Asian theological perspectives, as an antidote to Western modes of thinking, can present an alternative hermeneutic to the dualism inherited from Greek philosophy that still prevails in Western theologies. Contemporary theologies (including Asian theologies), heavily influenced by this dualism, are often divided by two macro-paradigms; namely, theo-logos (classical theology) and theo-praxis (liberationist theology).

Heup Young Kim argues for a third way, the Dao paradigm of theology, that can encompass these disparate traditions but also move beyond them into more fruitful theological, scientific, and philosophical areas of reflection.

Offering valuable insights for interreligious dialogue, Kim also addresses a number of subfields of theology including Comparative Theology, Christology, Pneumatology, Liberation Theology, and Ecclesiology.

Heup Young Kim is Professor Emeritus of Theology at Kangnam University, South Korea. He is a past president of the Korean Society for Systematic Theology, and a founding member of the International Society for Science and Religion. He has published extensive works in the area of East Asian constructive theology, interreligious dialogue, and religion and science including Wang Yangming and Karl Barth: Confucian-Christian Dialogue (University Press of America, 1996).

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A Theology of Dao
Ecology & Justice
Heup Young Kim
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Provides a bold and thought-provoking example of how Christian theology might draw on the rich conceptual resources of East Asian religious traditions.
Heup Young Kim has provided an example of how to do contextual theology well and, as a result, his book could be used as a text in undergraduate or graduate courses in comparative religions, contextual theology, and global Christianity.
"Should be required reading for those doing mission work in (and from) Korea and clergy working with the exploding Korean Christian church in Korea and, extending from there, to the world."
"Should be added to any college, university, or seminary library."
"The lasting value of the text to those outside a specifically Korean-Christian faith background is the New Theodao framwork itself."
“A major study in World Christianity, exploring both Christian theology and Korean traditional thought related to Confucianism and Daoism. Kim’s theology of Dao brings us headlong into the great challenges of East Asian thought, yet recedes from fixing the divine in any tradition, place, or premise. I expect that we will soon be seeing students settled under the shade trees of seminaries and colleges reading this text.”
“Steeped in both Confucian tradition and Christian theology, Heup Young Kim insightfully, creatively, and incisively analyzes their similarities and differences, and discovers common ground in traditional historical teachings. In this reflective embodiment of theology, life, and ecology, he unites insights of Christianity, East Asian religions, and the natural sciences, and presents a visionary possibility for unifying global religious thinking in this important, singular contribution to interreligious engagement."
“A path-breaking book by a superb scholar and theologian. Heup Young Kim has distinguished himself in his knowledge of East Asian religions and has explored here their relationship to Christianity. The result is a powerful book that is one of a kind.”
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