A Muslim View of Christianity

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This major collection of essays begins with a brief biography of well-known Islam scholar Mahmoud Ayoub and a substantial introduction by Ayoub to his study of Christianity and Muslim-Christian dialogue. A bibliography of Ayoub’s significant publications is included. The essays are grouped into four sections:

1. The Need for Dialogue
2. Critical Theological and Juridical Issues
3. Christological Issues
4. Muslim-Christian Dialogue in the Modern Period

Mahmoud Ayoub is a professor of Islamic studies and comparative religion at Temple University, Philadelphia, and the author of many books and articles on Islam and interreligious dialogue.

Irfan Omar is an assistant professor of Islamic studies at Marquette University and co-editor of Heirs of Abraham: The Future of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian Relations.

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A Muslim View of Christianity
Essays on Dialogue by Mahmoud Ayoub
Faith Meets Faith Series
Irfan Omar, Editor
"Gratitude is due to Irfan Omar for having collected these essays and made them available to a wider public. They are certainly capable of stimulating further dialogue between Christians and Muslims."
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