A History of Christianity in Asia I

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A History of Christianity in Asia shares immense amounts of research on religious pluralism of Asia and how Christianity spread long before the modern missionary movement went forth in the shelter of Western military might. An invaluable resource for historians of Asia and scholars of mission, it is stimulating for all readers interested in Christian or Asian history.

Samuel Hugh Moffett (1916-2015) was Henry Luce Professor Emeritus of Ecumenics and Mission at Princeton Theological Seminary. Born in Korea, Professor Moffett worked in China from 1947 to 1951 and in Korea from 1951 to 1981. He is the author of A History of Christianity in Asia Volume I: Beginnings to 1500.

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A History of Christianity in Asia
Volume 1: Beginnings to 1500
American Society of Missiology Series
Samuel Hugh Moffett
These books [Vol. 1 and 2] not only enlighten the West about their lost Eastern Christian history, and restore that history, they also recount the loss of much of the Christian faith from the Eastern world. That history has great significance today as the persecution of remaining Christians especially in the Middle East and Asia is coming
close to eliminating Christianity from many of its historic lands.
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