A Creed for Today

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“Offers a vibrant spirituality based on a rereading of Christian tradition through a lens of love for the Earth and all its creatures. It is a joy to read!”—James Corkery, SJ, Gregorian University, Rome

Renowned theologian Donal Dorr explores the interplay between an ecological spirituality and our traditional Christian faith at this critical juncture in the twenty-first century. Rather than seeing ecological spirituality as an adjunct to Christian doctrine, Dorr views it as central to our understanding of Christianity today, and integral to understanding our relationship with the natural world. 

In building this creed, Dorr lays out a compelling vision for how we should live at both a spiritual and practical level in terms of our Christian faith and our attendant role as stewards of the Earth. 

Donal Dorr is an Irish theologian and missionary priest who has served as a consultor to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace and as a resource person for the Irish Missionary Union. He is the author of ten books, including the Orbis titles Option for the Poor and for the Earth and Mission in Today’s World.

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A Creed for Today
Faith and Commitement for Our New Earth Awareness
Donal Dorr

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