A Biography of the Spirit

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Taking the form of a diary, in which each day the author explores the world of nature and the sciences through the light of faith, A Biography of the Spirit opens our minds to the breathtaking beauty of the universe and our hearts to the transcendent glory of the Lord and Giver of all life.

“A book of stupendous wonder and holy mystery —simple and profound, brilliant and bold. It is a story of God’s Spirit seeping through the amazing discoveries of modern science, as if the Spirit is burrowing through the crevices of life’s intricate web, creating something new. Read slowly, pause and ponder, for the deep down freshness of life’s energy is none other than God.”—Ilia Delio, OSF, author, The Unbearable Wholeness of Being

"John Haughey re-enchants our late modern mentality in conversation with the cognitive, physical, natural, and environmental sciences to unveil a pneumatologically charged cosmos, one perhaps even more Spirit-filled than premodern believers imagined. The way is reopened with A Biography of the Spirit to discerning afresh the spiritual dimensions of our created existence in an evolutionary world."--Amos Yong, Fuller Theological Seminary and author, Theology & Down Syndrome: Reimagining Disability in Late Modernity

John C. Haughey, S.J., currently coordinates Woodstock’s Catholic Higher Education Project and is involved with the Arrupe Program in Social Ethics for Business at Georgetown University, Washington, DC. His many books include Where’s Knowing Going: Horizons of the Knowing Subject (Georgetown University Press) and Housing Heaven’s Fire: The Challenge of Holiness (Loyola Press).

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A Biography of the Spirit
John C. Haughey
Written in an informal style, the book is an invitation to ponder the reality of the Spirit in our own consciousness and the expanse of the divine presence in all of reality, even as the universe expands each moment.
Fascinating and exciting and opens new vistas of our expanding universe, our complex brain and the Holy Spirit making things whole.
Informed by science and infused with a poetic voice, Jesuit priest John C. Haughey sets out on a faith-based exploration of the natural world.... Haughey's book finds the Holy Spirit in all manner of places in nature -- even a single bird sitting on a windowsill.
Haughey's book is exciting! He teaches more than theology. He offers an interdisciplinary discussion, using our experiences of nature, human history, and scientific theories to advance the study of the Spirit.
Haughey's rich text is a wonderful balance of contemporary research on the spirit, Scriptural reference, and scientific insights that can appeal to a variety of readers.... Above all scholars of science and religion will appreciate the many bridges that Haughey erects between topics, and those who love the spirit will discover even more to love.
Explores the world of nature and sciences though the light of faith [and] then proposes an understanding of this insight in terms of how it might enlighten the reader about the spirit. In the Introduction Fr. Haughey explains that the book is not a theology of nature, a work of apologetics, nor is it an exhortation about ecological ethics. “If it gives the reader a better sense that the Spirit is a Person with a distinct personality and is being effective in carrying out the mission for which It has been sent,” the book will have done its job.
Beautifully written, informative, thoughtful, though-provoking, and occasionally inspiring, "A Biography of the Spirit" will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to community, academic, and seminary Christian Studies collections.
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