Robert Ellsberg

May 2021 

Dear Friends,

 My path to Orbis began over 45 years ago when I left college to work with Dorothy Day at the Catholic Worker. Soon after my arrival she appointed me managing editor of her newspaper, thereby pointing me in the direction of my life’s work and vocation: not just as an editor, but as her editor. Following her death in 1980 I edited her Selected Writings. Many years later there followed her Diaries and Selected Letters. And now comes a new volume: On Pilgrimage: The Sixties.

            These writings, set against a decade marked by dissent, questioning, and turbulent change, offer a striking portrait of her distinctive balance of faith and radical action. Responding to the Civil Rights movement, the Cuban Revolution, the Vietnam War, labor struggles, Vatican II, and broader cultural upheaval, she found in the Gospels a steady guide, marked by concern for the poor, the way of love, and the spirit of peace.

            Jim Forest, who also began his journey as a youthful editor of the CW, has written biographies of Dorothy Day and other great peacemakers. Now he has written another: Eyes of Compassion: Learning from Thich Nhat Hanh. This richly

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