With the Smell of the Sheep

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“This comprehensive collection of texts by Pope Francis is an absolute gem. I highly recommend it to every bishop, priest, seminarian, and pastoral agent. It offers us profound insights into the mind and heart of the Bishop of Rome, a pastor who truly has the smell of the sheep."                                                                                                     Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB, CEO, Salt and Light Catholic Media Foundation

From the first days of his papacy, Pope Francis described his wish for pastors "with the smell of the sheep."  In this moving and often intimate volume, consisting of all Pope Francis's addresses to priests and bishops, he shares his vision of the priesthood, ministry, and service to the People of God.

Confiding personal stories from his own ministry and warning against the sins of "self-referentiality," clericalism, careerism, and worldliness, he stresses the importance of mercy, of drawing strength from prayer and intimacy with the Heart of the Good Shepherd. In addition to his addresses to seminarians, bishops, members of the curia and religious orders, he also shares words of compassion with victims of clergy sexual abuse.

With the Smell of the Sheep provides a deeply spiritual call to follow the example of Christ in the service of the church. It is a wonderful gift  for seminarians, priests and clergy, and all those diserning their vocation in the twenty first century.

Book Details

With the Smell of the Sheep
The Pope Speaks to Priests, Bishops, and Other Shepherds
Pope Francis
Edited by Giuseppe Merola
Foreword by Bishop Robert Barron

Highly recommended.

There is no better guidebook for ministers in the "field hospital" of the Church today. This important collection is essential reading not only for every priest and seminarian, but also for every Christian woman and man interested in living the Gospel in the modern world!

An invaluable look at what it means, in the eyes of Pope Francis, for bishops, priests, and other church leaders to carry out their ministries as true "servant leaders," as the Pope has frequently asked, and, more importantly, as Jesus has shown us.

How do we minister with Jesus’ delicate balance of gentleness and truth? Pope Francis models this for us in his life and he articulates it for us in this book. This is a must-read for anyone in ministry.

The words of Pope Francis offered here touch the core of my humanity and my priesthood; they move my heart deeply. I recommend this book with great enthusiasm to all co-workers in the vineyard.

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