The Transformed Heart

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What does a mature religious faith really look like? What does it mean to embrace and follow a spiritual path and live it with personal integrity? What are the characteristics of healthy religion?

In this intensely focused exploration of the complex relationship between personal spirituality and religious belonging and practice, Zanzig proposes that the natural outcome of a lifelong process of spiritual transformation, lived with integrity, is an attraction to a mystic, contemplative spiritual path. We are all in this sense "spiritual seekers," and both the goal and the reward of our commitment to our faith is a continual and growing pull toward a contemplative experience of faith.

Tom Zanzig worked in professional lay ministry for over forty years, first as a parish director of religious education, then for 25 years as a writer and editor of adolescent religious education and youth ministry materials, and for the last decade as a publisher of adult faith formation resources. His books include Jesus of History, Christ of FaithJesus the Christ: A New Testament Portrait; Jesus the Way: The Path of Christian Discipleship and Adult Faith Formation Strategies.

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The Transformed Heart
Spirituality, Religion, and the Struggle for Integrity
Tom Zanzig
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This book speaks to two kinds of people: those looking for an authentic spirituality outside of organized religion, and those still hoping to find it within a communal religious tradition. Drawing on decades of experience as a religious educator as well as deep reflection on his own life struggles, Zanzig engagingly shows how both groups have much to learn from each other. I recommend it highly for all seekers, whether actively religious or not.

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