Public Theology and the Global Common Good

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Whatever became of the idea of a “common good”? Ethicists and theologians lament the decline in public life of the importance of this concept, so central to the character of civil society and so crucial for the flourishing of individuals within it. In our own culture, the promotion of the common good is a valuable corrective to our atomized morality and laissez-faire economics.

This volume, on the 30th Anniversary of the famous U.S. Bishops’ economics pastoral letter, brings together some of the leading lights in ethics to discuss the role, impact, and importance of public theology across the globe.

Kevin Ahern is an assistant professor of religious studies at Manhattan College (NY).

Meghan J. Clark is assistant professor of theology and religious studies at St. John’s University (NY).

Kristin Heyer is professor of theological ethics at Boston College.

Laurie Johnston is associate professor of theology and Director of Fellowships at Emmanuel College in Boston.

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Public Theology and the Global Common Good
The Contribution of David Hollenbach
Kevin Ahern
Meghan J. Clark
Kristin E. Heyer
Laurie Johnston
Foreword by Margaret Farley

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