Fall 2017

Our new offerings this season come in what may be the best as well as worst of times, addressing in myriad ways the challenges we face, politically and spirituality. Notable religious thinkers, scholars and activists contribute to Faith and Resistance in the Age of Trump, Cardinal "Chito" Tagle of the Philippines reflects on his life and ministry, and the late Dan Berrigan is remembered in a wonderfully illustrated biography by his friend Jim Forest, At Play in the Lion's Den.

From North Africa, Dialogue of the Heart is a call to Christian Muslim understanding and co-existence, even in the face of violence and death.  From North America the authors and contributors to The Sin of White Supremacy and Anti-Blackness and Christian Ethics struggle with entrenched and systemic racism in America, while The Problem of Wealth looks at economic inequality and marginalization from a new perspective.

Finally this season we are most pleased to offer The Works of Mercydrawn from Pope Francis's many writings and preachings on what has become his signature theme, arranged thematically in the traditional calls to practices intrinsic to Jesus's call to serve the least of these: Feed the Hungry, Give Drink to the Thirsty, Clothe the Naked, Welcome the Stranger, Visit the Sick, Visit the Prisoner, Bury the Dead. Counsel the Doubtful, Instruct the Ignorant, Admonis Sinners, Console the Afflicated, Pardon Offfenses, Bear Wrongs Patienty, and Pray for the Living and the Dead.