Common Sense Faith

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This popular presentation of the Catholic faith by a leading Catholic evangelist explores how to live spiritually in an ever more complex world.Reflecting on his own life and the world around him, Father Patrick Brennan offers readers profound truths about our lives as Catholics today. Focusing on the foundations of faith, his questions are universal: What teachings of Jesus can inspire us to overcome difficult times? How can average Christians apply mercy and justice in their everyday lives? Can someone disagree with certain teachings of the church and still be a faithful Catholic? Why is forgiveness essential to freedom? What is effective prayer? What does it mean to be holy? Addressing these questions and many more, Fr. Brennan helps us see how our faith can make clear what matters most in our lives and the lives of those we love. Patrick J. Brennan is founder and director of the National Center for Evangelization and Parish Renewal located in Chicago. He has authored more than 15 books, articles and audio series, including The Mission Driven Parish (Orbis, 2007). He also produces ""Horizons,"" a weekly radio and cable TV program.

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Common Sense Faith
Patrick J. Brennan
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Fr Brennan's latest publication is highly recommended, especially for his honesty, sensitivity, and broad range of topics which should appeal to a wide audience.

". . . addresses issues of concern to many Christian leaders struggling with relationships and faith."

". . . engaging and thoughtful . . ."

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