Christianity and Science

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"There is nothing in Christian faith that should make one afraid of science's widening and deepening knowledge. No matter how enormous the picture of the natural world turns out to be, it can never surpass the infinity we have always attributed to God."

In this work, John Haught, a leading Catholic theological voice in the study of science and religion, offers his most systematic theological reflections on the relation between Christian revelation and the unfolding story of the universe. In the face of recent discoveries some maintain their faith by clinging to a pre-scientific world view; others conclude that perhaps ""the universe has outgrown the biblical God who is said to be its creator." For Haught, however, exploration of the "three infinities"--the immense, the infinitesimal, and the complex--serves as invitation to an unprecedented appreciation for the grandeur of God, creation, Christ, and redemption.

John F. Haught is Landegger Distinguished Service Professor of Theology at Georgetown University and the author of ten books, including God after Darwin and The Promise of Nature.

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Christianity and Science
Toward a Theology of Nature
Theology in Global Perspective Series
John F. Haught

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