A Moral Climate

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"This expansive study, with statistics of all that is wrong in our actions toward the earth, is powerful in its call to integrity and justice."--Emmanuel

Despite clarion calls from scientists and cover stories on magazines like Time telling us to “Be afraid! Be very afraid!” the threat of an ecological crisis has failed to achieve prominence in religious or political circles. And yet it is one of the biggest moral dilemmas of our time.

In this groundbreaking book Michael Northcott examines theological attitudes to climate change, from the complacent to the apocalyptic, and the ethical implications for all Christians. Hard-hitting and comprehensive, The Moral Climate is must reading for anyone truly concerned about the greatest threat to our well-being and the very lives of our children and grandchildren.

Michael Northcott, a leading international ethicist, is the author of Environment and Christian Ethics.

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A Moral Climate
The Ethics of Global Warming
Michael Northcott

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