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Robert Ellsberg


Congratulations to two of our authors who this month received Nautilus Awards: A Gold Medal for Jim Forest’s The Root of War is Fear: Thomas Merton’s Advice to Peacemakers, and a Silver Medal for John Neafsey’s Act Justly, Love Tenderly: Lifelong Lessons in Conscience and Calling. Both books carry a timely message.

The Trappist Thomas Merton, writing during the Cold War and Vietnam, came to see his monastic vocation as a prophetic witness for peace. As Forest shows, Merton’s understanding of the spiritual roots of war—particularly in the fostering of fear—has uncanny relevance today, as does his counsel to would-be peacemakers about the spiritual basis of resistance. John Neafsey’s book expands on his previous work,  A Sacred Voice is Calling on the relation between vocation and social consciousness.  Act Justly, Love Tenderly shows how the fundamental human vocation—a call to justice, love, and humility—is realized in all the stages of life, and what that means in an era marked by violence, injustice, and self-aggrandizement.

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